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High Air Tech for isotropic web formation

Airlay – our solution for aerodynamic web formation

Trützschler Nonwovens offers various solutions for the aerodynamic web forming process. From simple chute to Airlay Card EWKL, our systems allow web formation with maximum isotropy.

Airlay stands for highest possible flexibility during web formation: suctioning onto a perforated roll covers a large weight range and different types of fibers. Other benefits of Airlay are trouble-free processing of waste fibers, and high energy efficiency since air consumption is based on actual requirement.

    Airlay Card EWKL
  • Specially designed for bleached or virgin cotton, and/or blends of cotton with viscose or synthetic fibers
  • Excellent web quality due to optimum coordination of fiber opening in the carding section and air guidances in the web forming section
  • Web weights ranging from 30 to 400 g/m²

    Airlay Solution EHLA
  • State-of-the-art technology for web weights ranging from 100 to 5,000 g/m²
  • For isotropic web structures made of natural, synthetic, and recycled fibers

    Direct bonding without carding
  • For webs from web feeder EDSWL or Scanfeed, featuring quality that is sufficient for direct bonding
  • Low investment costs (in comparison to an airlay or card/crosslapper line), and low operating costs
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Production rates up to 400 kg per hour and metre
  • Processing of textile waste