Oven technology for highest demands

Thermal bonding with drum ovens (Thermobonder)

The webs are made of fibers with different melting points and are bonded via hot air in Trützschler Nonwovens thermofusion lines. Through-air drying is based on a combination of perforated drum and radial fan. The fan sucks air out of the perforated drum and returns it over heating elements to the outside of the drum. This creates a suction draft on the drum surface which safely keeps the web on the drum; at the same time air flows through the web. Between 1 to 10 drums can be connected in series.

Thermobonding in drum ovens results in excellent product qualities at low investment costs. Since energy efficiency is an important aspect in oven technologies, the heat losses of Trützschler Nonwovens belt and drum ovens are reduced to the lowest level by means of a perfectly calculated insulation.

Advantages of drum oven:
  • Particularly suitable for lightweight and medium-weight webs
  • Largest working width
  • Highest speeds
  • Highest evaporation capacities
  • NEW: structured, thermobonded nonwovens
  • Trützschler Nonwovens invented an exchangeable structuring shell for the thermobonder drum (patent pending).  Now bonding and structuring the web is performed in one step. The shell produces permanent, distinct 3D patterns while maintaining both softness and bulkiness.