Additional Equipment

Success is also a matter of flexibility

Accessories for the entire production process

Our claim to offer complete nonwoven systems is also met by a program that has the suitable accessories for each process step:

Metal separator

Automatic metal detection and separation system for reliable protection of the machine against damage caused by metal parts contained in the fiber material

Oiling system

Integrated in the pipeline, the oiling system is used to selectively moisten fibers with lubricants and antistatic agents.

Edge opener

During operation, this special opener opens the edge material that was cut off and extracted and returns it to the web forming system.

Diverter pipes

Auxiliary equipment such as switch pipes, T-distributors, material distributors, pipe shutters, and dust and fiber separators required for the pneumatic transport of fibers.

Bagging device

For intermediate fiber storage in big bags.


Designed in different sizes for pneumatic transport of fibers, based on required air volume and desired production capacity.