Perfect impregnation, smoothening, and fastening

Increased level of competence for nonwoven finishing 

Apart from web bonding processes, Trützschler Nonwovens also has decades of experience in various other methods of nonwoven finishing.


The solutions for web impregnation are based on either foam or liquid binding agents. Foam foulards reduce the use of chemicals and thus the drying requirement whereas liquid binders are especially suited for higher speed lines. With the Trützschler solutions even heavy webs can be completely saturated with minimum application of foam and energy.

Smoothening / calibrating

If surface smoothening or height calibration is required during post-processing, calander systems are applied with two or more rollers that can be heated or cooled. Systems engineering ensures an absolutely uniform line pressure, while the heated and/or cooled systems provide a high level of temperature uniformity.


To achieve high tensile strength it may be necessary to apply hot air to the nonwoven product. For this process, Trützschler Nonwovens offers a Omega-type heatsetter with a through-air drum and a system with two or more calander rolls.