The right technology for every carding requirement

For Trützschler Nonwovens, individuality means the availability of different roller card types in various configurations. They all adapt perfectly to the respective production situation, regardless of end product. At the same time, all roller cards have important features in common: an extremely clean take-off system, specially adjusted TCC clothings, and exemplary maintainability due to optimal accessibility.

Roller Card TWF-NC (EK 150)

Six different basic machine types with working widths up to 5,500 mm offer highest flexibility during web formation. The tailored configuration of worker and stripper rolls, the ability to integrate condensing and/or random rolls and three doffer configurations (parallel fleece, random roller, condensed roller) take every end product into account.

Random Roller Card TWF-NCR (EWK 413)

This model is a high performance card with throughputs of more than 400 kg per hour and metre for various fibers and surface weight. If offers double-sided carding and a centrifugal-dynamic web formation for highest product qualities with unsurpassed MD/CD ratio. The use of two different roll diameters offers a significant time advantage during clothing change. The NCR is particularly well suited for subsequent hydroentanglement.

Airlay Card TWF-NCA (EWKL)

While the carding section ensures optimal opening, the integrated airlay head forms a homogeneous random web. The NCA card is specially designed for bleached or virgin cotton, and/or blends of cotton with viscose or man-made fibers. Web weights from 30 to 400 g/m² can be realised.