Web Feeding

The direct way to convincing quality

The product range of Trützschler Nonwovens has the right web forming machine for each application. A uniform fiber mat in longitudinal and cross direction, combined with smallest possible tuft size, is decisive for quality-based web formation. The components from Trützschler Nonwovens meet these requirements in the short and long fiber range in an outstanding way.


The Web Feeder TWF-TFVis primarily designed for speciality fibers such as glass fibers, PTFE, etc. It is always used in combination with the Belt Weigher TWF-BW.

Tuft feeder TWF-TF (EDSWL)

Whether very coarse or extremely long fibers – the TWF-TF ensures homogeneous fiber feeding, which can be permanently monitored and adjusted by a downstream belt weigher.

Tuft feeder TWF-TFS (Scanfeed)

Thanks to the homogeneous fiber feeding, the web quality at this point is already very good. In lines for lightweight products without crosslapper, the additional web profile regulation (VPR) further enhances product quality

Belt weighing system

The Trützschler belt weigher ensures constant feeding of the roller card with a weight accuracy of +/-1 %. The system operates gravimetrically, thus calibration for various fiber types is not necessary.