Our high-speed card. New to the Trützschler portfolio.

During the production of nonwovens, the roller card has the critical task of producing a homogeneous and high-quality web in a short time. The higher the installation speed, the greater the challenge posed to the carding capacity of the roller cards. The new high-speed roller card is specifically tailored to spunlace installations with speeds up to 300 m/min.  Core elements are an enlarged pre-cylinder as well as dual transmission to main cylinder. The new design increases the carding area, thereby ensuring maximum web qualities even at high speeds.

Random card

The random roller card produces voluminous webs with an excellent MD/CD ratio

Due to their high random layer, webs produced on the EWK 413 are particularly well suited for subsequent hydroentanglement. This results in fluffy and soft end products, especially when using cotton.

Airlay Card

Web formation with air is the characteristic of the Airlay Roller Card EWKL

This type of roller card is particularly suited for the processing of fiber material with different fiber lengths or short fibers. The airlay head blows the fibers from the last roll, resulting in an almost isotropic web structure on the delivery belt. This allows the production of multi-layer products in combination with Trützschler cards or random web roller cards.